To make an impact on the fashion industry with a unique take on sizing and creating intentional designs. We focus on slowing fast fashion and empowering women to love the body they are in today.


To create intentional fashion that empowers women to feel confident in what they wear.


Inspired by the desire to simplify life, Em took to creating a capsule closet for herself. In the process, found that a lot of clothing wasn’t made to last, and the clothing meant for women, didn't always fit her body composition. Turns out, she wasn't alone!

She decided to change that.

Riley + Ro was born from the desire to love the clothes she wears without having to replace them seasonally and have it fit the body she has now (and will have in the future).

Adjustable pieces, unique sizing, hidden gems, fighting fast fashion and the understanding that women’s bodies are always changing- that’s why Riley + Ro was founded.

Our Production Team

Designed by our founder in Minnesota, Riley + Ro prioritizes partnerships with manufacturers who adhere to fair labor standards and environmentally conscious production methods. The production team behind the brand includes Nítido AgencyCotton SpotFlor da ModaVieira e Faria, and Sousa Vieira e Veloso.

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