Why you should simplify your wardrobe

Why you should simplify your wardrobe

Is your closet filled with stacks of clothes that you rarely, if ever, wear? Do you have too many pieces and not enough time to properly care for them all? If so, it may be time to simplify your wardrobe with a few basic pieces. There are several good reasons why minimizing your wardrobe could be beneficial to both you and the environment.

Save Money by Only Buying What You Need

The more items of clothing in your wardrobe, the higher the likelihood that you'll accumulate pieces that don't get worn. By having a simplified wardrobe and buying only what you need - instead of buying things impulsively -you’ll save money in the long run and only get those items that really contribute to your personal style. You'll also free up the finances to invest in better quality items that last longer and look better when worn.

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Eliminate Overwhelming Wardrobe Decisions

Having too much clothing makes choosing an outfit each day complicated and
overwhelming. Not only will simplifying your choices make it easier for you to style outfits with what’s already in your possession, but this could also help reduce decision fatigue which can lead to poor decision-making throughout other areas in life.

Declutter Your Space

Fewer pieces means less clutter! When we minimize our wardrobes, we get rid of excess stuff that accumulates over time creating faster access to garments laying underneath piles of fabric or stuffed away somewhere out of sight. Clothing clutter takes lots of time out of you day and week to clean and organize. Having a simple wardrobe makes it easy to find that favorite pair of pants you love, every time.

Consume Clothing Resources Responsibly

Every piece of clothing takes significant energy and resources to produce -and two-thirds of global waste produced consists mostly of textiles, according to GreenPeace International. By sending items into recycling programs or reselling what no longer fits our lifestyle or looks desirable anymore, instead throwing garments away—we can reduce contributing further amounts of waste into landfills while promoting sustainable fashion practices overall.

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