Favorite Riley + Ro Outfits from our Founder

Favorite Riley + Ro Outfits from our Founder

Are you loving your new Riley + Ro piece!?

I personally haven’t stopped wearing these pieces since I got the first edits.  I’m obsessed!

I thought I’d share some of my favorite combinations of R+R pieces and I’d love to see how you style them with your own flair- tag us on Instagram @rileyandro.co!


Combo 1 // The Trousers + The Tank (White) + The Blazer

If you’re anything like me, a good blazer makes you feel powerful.  When I was a little girl and my mom would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would say “Run the world in a pair of stilettos”. While the goal hasn’t changed, I’m into more practical foot ware in my 30’s. The Blazer has taken the place as this power piece.

I change the length of my Trousers (yes, they do that!), throw on a go to white sneaker, a pair of gold hoops and finish it with my ring essentials and I cannot be stopped. 

The theme of this look: Keeping Business Casual.



Kat // Wearing Size 3


Combo 2 // The Jeans + The Sweater

This one is (mwah!) chef’s kiss. I put in a large stud earring, my favorite heels (right now it’s a pair of Everyday Booties from Marc Fisher; comfort, quality and timeless) and, of course, my ring essentials. It’s an intentional outfit that never gets old. Spice it up with a hat, other statement jewelry or a fun belt to add in your personality to this go to basic combo.  OBSESSED! 

The theme of this look: Classic Comfort


Makenna // Wearing Size 2


Combo 3 // The Skirt + The Blouse

When you need an elevated look but don’t have the energy to sacrifice comfort, she’s got you. I love to pair it with a statement necklace, heels of choice (or a colorful flat) and a simple stud earring.

Mix up the shape of the look with The Blouse- tucked, untucked, half tuck, tied- I encourage you to play with your clothes and find what YOU like.

The theme of this look: From office to networking event to baby shower.


 Nicole // Wearing Size 1


Combo 4 // The Cardigan + The Tee (Black) + The Jeans

Who doesn’t love a basic t-shirt + jeans combo? It’s that longtime friend that never lets you down. Using the R+R pieces, we’re giving our best friend a glow up with a stretch resistant neckline (yay! no more necklace slippage) and the adjustable waist to easily accommodate whatever the month (or day) brings.  In the colder months, pair with The Cardigan for that lovely layering effect.

My pairings include a white sneaker or heels (depending on your mood) and a minimalist necklace + bracelet. Boom.

The theme of this look: The Basic Glow Up


 Makenna // Wearing Size 2


Combo 5 // The Trench + The Trousers + The Tank (Black)

A tank top under a trench coat? Em, you’ve lost it.  Hear me out!  I love a tank top under a trench. It allows me to make The Trench part of my outfit, not just something I’ll take off when I get there. How do I do that? I unzip the bottom and create the perfect cropped jacket that is my outfit and doesn’t just go with it. Fun fact: This is exactly why I designed the trench :)

You know I love a heel, so I grab those babes out of the closet along with some minimalist, gold jewelry and I’m feeling goooooood.

The theme of this look: The Layering Queen













Kat // Wearing Size 3


Combo 6 // The Jeans + The Tee (White) + The Blazer

You knew she’d be back: The Blazer! This gives powerhouse but for errands and play dates (this includes puppy play dates).  Like, we don’t want the full look on a Saturday, but we need the energy of our power piece.  This is it.

My accessory choices- sneakers (lately I’ve gone with a black converse high-top, but your classic white sneaks are perfect) a bold necklace and a gold hoop earring.  It gives a little Gen Z vibe that I’m here for.

The theme of this look: Elevated Casual.


Makenna // Wearing Size 2


Combo 7 // The Skirt + The Sweater 

When I need a little less formal version of The Blouse + The Skirt, I swap the top out for The Sweater.  It’s the in between style for me. What do you think?

This is a great outfit to pair with a high boot, bold rings, and your favorite earrings.  A bonus must have for me is The Tucky. Take a look, you’ll thank me later.

The theme of this look: Warm Girl Era.



You might be thinking, great Em, you’re just telling me I need to buy ALL of the Riley + Ro pieces.  WRONG! While yes, I think you should ;), these looks can all be created with pieces in your closet.


You have your favorite skirt that’s been your tried and true- let’s go!

The graphic tee you bought at a concert and has nostalgic meaning- yes please!

You inherited a vintage jacket from a parent or grandparent- even better!


I’m not here to sell you.  I’m here to help you love your intentional closet and the body you have NOW. 

Wanna be besties? Email me at hello@rileyandro.com- I’d love to chat!

Until then, sending you the biggest hug!

Xoxo, Em

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